Daily walks? One-on-one attention?

Professional and reliable?

Yep! And there is even more that comes with in-home pet sitting in Inner Loop!

You see, we're a picky pair. Staying at home when my Mom’s away is our #1 request. That’s why she found Pawsitively Purrfet to provide us with the best of in-home pet sitting! Why is it so great? Well, let us tell ya!

Each visit includes:

  • Potty breaks, food, fresh water, & medication administration,
    if needed
  • Detailed texts, emails, or notes about each visit - so your parents know what’s up
  • Keeping your area clean & safe
  • Bringing in mail & newspaper
  • Watering plants & garden
  • Alternating lights & security checks
  • and of course plenty of love, attention, & scratches!
Take it from Mia, pet sitting isn’t just for dogs! Cats need their own sitter to love and scratch them! Pawsitively Purrfect are Inner Loop pet sitters that care for all types of pets – exotic pets, guinea pigs, rabbits, birds, reptiles, and more! They offer visits for as little as 20 minutes for a quick potty break, shy cat visits, medication administration, or a lunch time feeding! Or, if you’re a pet who loves extra time for cuddles or fetch, extended visits are offered for up to 60 minutes, too!

Call/text 281-627-1838 or howl at them today to schedule a FREE consultation!

Pet Sitting Visits

$19 (20min)

$23 (30min)

$31 (45 min)

$38 (60 min) + $26 for each additional hour

Pawsitively Purrfect offers dog walking, pet taxi and overnight care, too!

We'll fill you in on a little secret…having your very own group of Houston dog walkers is a good look for your dog. Not only does he receive exercise, interaction and attention throughout the day, but the walk is tailor made just for him! Whether he’s energetic and loves to explore, or slower and enjoys a calm stroll, Pawsitively Purrfect makes it…well, perfect!

They even offer discounted dog walking packages, too!

Read more about their dog walking & available packages!

Pet Taxi

$25 one way

$40 round trip

Need a ride to have your hair cut? Have an appointment at the vet but your parents are at work? Don’t worry! Pawsitively Purrfect is also a taxi! That’s right – your pet will have their own driver! No, they do not wear the funny hats. But they’re great company and get you to and from your appointments with ease! Pet taxi prices are for trips within service area for up to 2 pets.

Overnight Care

$100 per night

$120 per night with midday visit

You know what else is super doggone cool? Pawsitively Purrfect offers professional cuddling services! Well, they call it overnight visits. It’s a slumber party with your pet sitter! They make sure there is plenty of fun, love, attention, playtime, and, of course, cuddling, from 7pm to 8am. This is perfect for those pets who have separation anxiety or hate sleeping alone.